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Best 300 Watt LED Grow Lights Under $100 2021 Reviews

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If you are operating with a limited budget or you are just starting out with hydroponics, you would likely be interested in the best 300-watt LED grow lights under $100.

Budget-wise these are amazing because they can serve a fair amount of photosynthetic light to your crops without breaking the bank. 2018 is the year for budget-conscious hydroponics growers who want the true bang for their buck.

These are my top picks for LED grow lights that pack a lot of punch but aren’t heavy on the pocket at all.

VIPARASPECTRA Reflector Series 300W LED Grow Light

The VIPARASPECTRA Reflector Series 300W LED Grow Light is ultra quiet because of its advanced design fans that cool down the mechanism while maintaining a quiet environment.

Specifically designed to keep the balance of all wavelengths of useful light.

Presents a full optical spectrum of visible light that is perfect for hydroponics growers.

Produces an output equal to a convention 250-watt HPS/MH, while only consuming a total of 128 watts of electricity. A true cash saver in all respects.

Solid aluminum housing protects all sensitive components from dust and damage.

Ideal for all kinds of indoor and outdoor plants. Use several of these to effectively increased the scope of the light.

Has a positive impact on flowers – manufacturer guarantees that flowers will be denser, more numerous, with blooming colors all year long.

Measured to be 70% cooler than halide lamps, and consumes less energy over the long term, too.

MarsHydro LED Grow Light 300W Full Spectrum for Hydroponic Indoor Plants

A full spectrum lighting system that provides complete lighting requirements for indoor plants, outdoor plants, and aquatic plants.

Matches the amplified light output of 150-watt LED grow lights while only consuming 132 watts. Provides additional efficiency for more energy savings throughout the growing season.

The manufacturer paid close attention to the design of the heat sink. The heat sink is separated from the board itself, where all the electricity and electrical controls are located. The possibility of overheating during long hours of operation is greatly reduced.

An ideal LED grow light for plants like tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and other practical vegetables and flowers.

All MarsHydro LED Grow Lights are backed by more than eight years of research and development in the science of grow lights and is backed by numerous manufacturer guarantees.

Working units will be tested straight for forty-eight hours before being shipped out to customers to ensure that everything is in good working condition.

MEIZHI Reflector Series Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 300W

The MEIZHI Reflector Series LED Grow Light 300W has completed abandoned glass and plastic parts as these have shown to dissipate light expression in the past. The manufacturer now fully uses reflector technology to immediately increase the light output of the device.

Is equipped with Epoxy Molding Compound (EMC) technique that packages electrical components in such a way that they are protected from overheating and surges, and this prolongs the life of the device.

The EMC technique protects the internal components from corrosion and water vapors that emanate naturally from hydroponics systems.

Consistently produces higher lumen output, with the expressed light penetrating the layers of foliage, producing better crop productivity.

VIVOSUN Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 300W

The VIVOSUN Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 300W is equipped with high-performance 5-inch cooling fans that protect the board and LEDs from burning from continuous operation.

Delivers full spectrum light emissions, super-bright output, and maximum PAR for the best results in all phases of plant growth. An ideal light partner for those who are interested in growing extra-healthy flowers and crops all year long.

Has an effective lighting area of 2’ x 2’ and provides ideal light coverage up to a height of 2 feet.

Flowers within a 1.5’ x 1.5’ area will receive more than ideal lighting penetration, resulting in monstrous blooms that any hydroponics grower will love. Raise to a maximum of 18” for full penetration of foliages.

Made with a composite metal mix that has been shown to greatly reduce the retention of heat inside the device, which is dangerous for sensitive parts. The average lifespan of each VIVOSUN 300W LED grow light is 100,000 hours of operation.

BLOOMSPECT LED Grow Light 300W for Indoor Greenhouses

The BLOOMSPECT LED Grow Light 300W produces the output of a 250-watt HPS/MH light while keeping the energy consumption down to a nominal 130 watts.

Use this if you want to cut down on energy costs while focusing on getting better results during the vegetative and blooming phases of your crops.

Can be used to effectively light an area measuring three feet by three feet (for vegetating plants) or two feet by two feet area if your crops are in their flowering stage.

Simply add another BLOOMSPECT LED Grow Light 300W to double the area without having to spend more on a more expensive LED grow light.

Has been designed with a highly efficient aluminum heat sink that quickly dissipates heat from normal operation, making the LED grow light safe to operate for days.

MAXISUN Dimmable 300W LED Grow Light, 12-Band Full Spectrum

The MAXISUN Dimmable 300W LED Grow Light consumes only 142 watts of energy but expresses the equivalent of a 250-watt HPS/MH light.

Highly efficient, and with the best-in-class components for indoor hydroponics setup, it also features a simple and straightforward design that is easy to operate.

Includes a compact and highly durable reflector that boosts the penetration of the canopy by as much as 150%. This device was built to maximize all possible gains from photosynthetic light when used in the most cramped and lightless of spaces.

Express a full spectrum of light that is beneficial to all kinds of plants.

Has been built with a dimmable switch that can be used to adjust the light output depending on growing phase of your crops.

Assembled with individual 5W EpiLED/BridgeLUX LED lights that naturally exceed the performance of HPS lighting.

Growstar 300W UFO LED Grow Light

The Growstar 300W UFO LED Grow Light is notable for its use of CREE COB and Bridgelux LEDs that produce high amounts of light and are among the most durable LEDs in the industry of growing lights.

Has the light output that can be compared to a 300-watt HPS/HID light while only needing a measly 115 watts of power.

In the game of cutting energy bills, the Growster 300W UFO LED Grow Light is definitely one of our top contenders.

Can effectively light an area measuring 30” x 30” at a maximum elevation of two feet. The maximum area that it can produce light for is 36” x 36” at two feet of elevation.

What Does Full Spectrum Mean With LED Grow Lights

Full spectrum LED grow lights provide all of the wavelengths of light necessary for normal plant growth.

Single-light LEDs may work but may stunt the growth of plants. Photosynthetic light is comprised of different bands of light, and a full-spectrum assembly can provide these bands.

LED Grow Lights: All-white Vs multi-color band light

All-white LED lights are generally not recommended for growing plants in hydroponics setups, because they do not really provide the type of bands needed for the vegetative and flowering stages of growth. If anything, adding white light to the mix can help you see your plants better in an indoor setup.