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Best 600 Watt LED Grow Lights Under $200 2019 Reviews

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We have taken the liberty of comparing the best 600-watt LED grow lights in the market today that you can buy under $200 dollars.

These are our top picks to upgrade your hydroponics setup.

VIVOSUN LED Grow Light 600W for Hydroponic Indoor Plants (Veg & Bloom)

The VIVOSUN brand has always been known for turning out high-output LED growl lights, like the VIVOSUN 600-watt LED grow light, which has been equipped with a whopping 120 pieces of individual LEDs, each with a unique connection to the overall system.

Has been tested to provide optimal coverage and light output for blooming and flowering crops, and is set to express maximum PAR at all times during normal operation.

Maintains and is consistent with its light output even if placed at different distances relative to the plant.

The ideal coverage area should measure 3’ x 3’ at a maximum height of 36” or three feet. For flowering plants, be sure to limit the area to 2.5’ x 2.5’ for stunning flower growths with maximum color and essential oil production.

Consumes only 270 watts during normal operation but pumps out the equivalent of a 600-watt conventional full-spectrum lighting for indoor plant setups. That is less than half of what it actually delivers in terms of light.

Guaranteed by the manufacturer to have an average lifespan of 100,000 hours of normal operation.

VIPARASPECTRA Reflector Series 600W LED Grow Light

The VIPARASPECTRA Reflector Series 600W LED Grow Light has been scientifically designed to produce maximum PAR at all times, and maintain this level of output regardless of the number of hours of the device’s operation.

The VIPARASPECTRA Reflector Series is known for doubling its light output while keeping energy consumption down. This model consumes only 260 watts of energy while maintaining a light output equivalent to a 600-watt HPS/MH light.

Effectively illuminates and photosynthetically feeds an area of 3’ x 3’ for the regular growing stage, and 2.5’ x 2.5’ for crops in the blooming phase. More intense light is needed for blooming plants, and this can be achieved by simply reducing the elevation of the light in relation to the growing beds.

Assembled with high-speed ventilation fans to keep the inner board cool, and to prevent fires. A LED grow light is only as good as its ventilation system, especially if it is used for 12 hours or more per day.

Lightweight but sturdy aluminum casing has been updated to further improve the natural dissipation of heat and to keep inner component naturally cool despite continuous use.

MARS HYDRO Full Spectrum 600W LED Grow Light

Fully engineered for the effective emission of full-spectrum bands of light at all times, and has a total of 98 LEDs for the continuous light feeding of indoor or hydroponics plants.

The biggest benefit of the MARS HYDRO Full Spectrum 600W LED Grow Light is the manufacturer has actually added more vital red LEDs to the mix.

Red LEDs are needed to enhance the blooming cycle of flowering plants. This device will help maximize flower formation and seed development in all types of crops.

Despite the fact that it can produce the light equivalent to a 600-watt conventional light, the MARS HYDRO full spectrum LED grow light only consumes a measly 192 watts of energy (lower than others). Energy savings throughout the growing season has been computed at 70%.

Provides ample lighting for an area measure 2’ x 4’ at an elevation of just eighteen inches.

Made with high-intensity Epitar chips, and has been thoroughly upgraded for maximum penetration of foliage and interaction with plant chlorophyll. PC material has been used instead of the more conventional vitreous board material and makes the device lighter but more durable.

HIGROW Optical Lens Series 600W Grow Light

The HIGROW Optical Lens Series 600W Grow Light is a different kind of beast when deployed in indoor gardens.

Instead of regular LED lights, the LED lights are combined with a 90-degree optical lens design that helps concentrate light more powerfully, while reducing light loss.

The device has also been engineered to maximize lumen output and PAR, creating bountiful harvest for all kinds of indoor and greenhouse crops.

Has been equipped with a true full-spectrum band that only needs 250 watts to produce the equivalent light output of 600-watt conventional indoor lighting devices.

This LED grow light is ideal for spaces that measure 3’ x 3’ for general growing, at an elevation of 24”. The maximum coverage it can provide at a height that is more than two feet is 4’ x 4’.

Fully supported by high-speed cooling fans that effectively reduce internal temperatures, making the LED growing light safer to operate, continuously.

Has dedicated vegetative phase and bloom phase switches so there will be no guesswork. You can immediately switch to blooming phase lighting or prolong the vegetative phase if you need to.

Phlizon 600W LED Grow Light With Thermometer and Humidity Monitor

Phlizon 600W LED Grow Lights do not have reflectors added as the manufacturer wishes to guarantee absolute safety during long periods of operation.

According to Phlizon, LED reflectors can easily catch fire at 80 degrees Celsius, and long period of use can easily increase the external temperature of bulbs to this level.

The combination of LEDs in the Phlizon LED grow light has been harmonized to provide everything that a plant would need from natural sunlight. More expensive IR LED lights have been installed to promote flowering and seed production, too.

Has independent controls for vegetative state lighting and blooming state lighting.

For increased seed production, turn on vegetative mode, and for better flower production and increased essential oils, turn on both vegetative mode and blooming mode. The blue and red LED lights will combine when both modes are activated.

Has one of the lowest energy requirements in the 600-watt category of LED grow lights. This LED grow light only needs 108 watts of energy to churn out the equivalent of 600 watts of light.

King Plus Double Chips 600W LED Grow Light

Compared to other LED grow lights that use individual 5-watt LEDs, the King Plus Double Chips 600W Led Grow Light utilizes dual-chip LEDs that consume 10 watts, each, effectively increasing the light output and reducing individual LED power loss during continuous operation.

Each dual chip will overcome the light output of individual 3-watt and 5-watt LEDs in other grow light brands.

Generates full-spectrum growing light that is ideal for indoor gardens, hydroponics systems, and different greenhouse setups. Sufficient light output is generated for both vegetative state and flowering state.

One of the leaner growing lights in our collection, the King Plus Double Chips 600W LED Grow Light consumes a nominal 120 watts during operation.

Has a slightly larger effective area for vegetative state lighting at 3’ x 3.4’. The manufacturer guarantees the lifespan of the device up to 50,000 hours of normal operation. This is a realistic appraisal of LEDs as these electronic parts are worn out eventually and for the light output, they are maximized every time you turn on the device.

HIGROW Double Chips 600W LED Grow Light

Manufactured with 60 pieces of high output LEDs for the optimum lighting of all indoor plant setups.

Instead of using individual LEDs that require three to five watts of power, the HIGROW Double Chips 600W LED Grow Light has been engineered with hybrid 10-watt LEDs that produce twice as much light with reduced power loss, too.

400-760 nm spectrum of full band light ensures proper light absorption and photosynthesis for most types of crops. Replicate the natural power of the sun in a tiny package that does it all.

HIGROW LED grow lights can be used for 24 hours straight without failure. Additionally, it can replace 450W-600W non-LED lighting devices while needing only 120 watts.

Dual-angle LEDs that are set at 90 degrees and 120 degrees. Can be operated with both 100/110 volt and 200-220 volt outlets. A truly global LED growing light that maximizes light output while reducing power costs.

BESTVA Reflector Series 600W LED Grow Light

The BESTVA Reflector Series 600W LED Grow Light requires only 132 watts, do it is definitely “up there” if we were to compare the previous models with this brand and make.

It produces the equivalent of a 400-watt HPS light without consuming that much energy.

The BESTVA brand is known internationally for its high quality LED grow lights, beautiful light design, and a high output system for different kinds of crops.

Engineered with a different, upgraded full spectrum system that replaced the classical formula for full-spectrum lighting for indoor plants.

Instead of the old blue to red ratio of 8:3, the LED grow light now matches each at a stunning 1:1 ratio, which is unheard of in other brands because red LED lights are more expensive to manufacture and normally, other brands reduce red LED installations to a minimum.

Uses Unicorn LEDs that are durable and brighter than unbranded high-output LEDs. The body of the device is 5 millimeters thick and is cast with aluminum. Two cooling fans also ensure that the internal board stays safe from overheating.

The package comes with adjustable hanging kits, a user manual, one unit of BESTVA Reflector Series LED grow light and a six-foot power cord.

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