Hello there!

First off my name is Heather Fitzpatrick.

I started off dabbling in hydroponics as just a fun hobby to try something new. Well that hobby turned into an obsession (in a good way). 🙂

I’m always telling friends, co-workers, & family about hydroponics & I noticed I kept getting the same questions about it, (for the ones that were interested that is).

Most of the time it got to where I was just copying my texts/emails & re-sending my answers to other people that I had answered before.

Don’t get me wrong I love talking about hydroponics but it can be hard to explain over the course of a few texts. There is some parts need some time to explain it correctly. For example my main hydroponics guide has taken me about a month to cover most of it (still not fully finished yet).

This is why I decided to just create a website. This way I can just link to the page that answer their questions I’m getting but I’m also able to potentially help others who are just searching around the internet.

With that being said, Origin Hydroponics was born! A website focused on teaching others about learning how to grow through hydroponics, including different subsets such as aquaponics.

Thank you all for coming by. I truly hope my site is able to help you!