Cloudponics GroBox

Cloudponics GroBox Review 2019

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Today we’ll be doing a review of Cloudponics GroBox, a self-contained, fully-automated system for growing plants indoors.

The big difference between the Cloudponics GroBox and other similar systems (also called grow boxes) is that the manufacturer was able to fully automate the processes and make it even more convenient for the indoor hydroponics grower to maintain his system.

Cloudponics GroBox: A Complete Hydroponics System

Cloudponics GroBox is an example of a complete system that has not just the bells and whistles, but also automation capability to reduce your workload as a grower.

The way we see it, the best feature of this system is it veers away from the usual backbreaking work associated with any kind of gardening.

The entire system, apart from being computer-controlled is also app controlled.

What does this mean? You can control the features of the system plus monitor the happenings inside the system through an app on your phone.

The automation system isn’t just for making things more convenient, though.

By automating the processes involved, you will be able to grow your plants like a true professional by making things more consistent throughout the growing season.

And yes – this system is designed to deliver the bets results from seed phase to full maturity.

You don’t have to grow plugs anymore in a different system because the Cloudponics GroBox will take care of that for you.

Additional features that are easily handled by the app and the built-in system itself include humidity control, watering frequency, pH buffering processes (up and down adjustment), temperature regulation, LED grow light scheduling and auto-off and much more.

Every aspect of this hydroponics system has been integrated, mechanized and rendered an automatic feature.

With the help of sophisticated software and delicate timing features, this all-in-one system takes care of itself essentially.

Advantages of Using The Cloudponics GroBox

We know that growers like to be on top of things, especially when they are cultivating high value crops.

That’s why we whittled down the main benefits of using a complete system like the Cloudponics GroBox:

  1. The first advantage is you can schedule everything on the fly and still get good results.

We’re talking about going on long road trips or maybe having a vacation with your family, and still getting good results because you can remotely control the Cloudponix GroBox or you can schedule its activities continuously even when you’re not in the house.

  • The system is relatively easy to use. And we’re not just talking about the fact that it has been automated.

The entire system is intelligent. You select from the interface what you want to grow first and the system schedules everything it has to do to ensure that the plant will thrive inside the grow box.

This is an amazing feat in our estimation, because there are very few systems out there that can actually do this and deliver consistently good results.

  • You can perform tweaks to the daily routines of your Cloudponics GroBox and adjust if you want to.

Perhaps a little tweaking will give you different results in the next growing season? Who knows. You need to try it for yourself!

  • The system offers massive control over elements that are not easily measurable in conventional hydroponics setups.

And since the system allows you to select the plant strain before the system is booted or started, you can be sure that only optimal settings are applied each time.

This aspect of the system is so important especially when it comes to variables like nutrient distribution, regulation of the ambient temperature of the water (which has an impact on the water temperature inside the nutrient reservoir), pH balancing (or the adjustment of the alkalinity or acidity of the water) and much more.

You will find out soon enough how challenging it can be to monitor all these variables manually.

But the good thing here is that there is now a way to look at all the changes or fluctuations with just one glance – using the Cloudponics app.

Why Use Grow Boxes

Grow boxes or grow cabinets are what we call integrated hydroponic systems that allow people to grow crops indoors easily.

When we say self-contained, they come as one piece only.

When you open the cabinet, everything that you need is inside, including the nutrient reservoir, the grow pots, and other components necessary for the healthy growth of plants.

There are many kinds of grow boxes.

The most basic form of the grow box or grow cabinet is one that comes with the cabinet itself, plus one large plastic container with a special lid that allows for the placement of grow cups.

You fill the box with the nutrient solution, you plant your plugs (plugs are germinated seedlings, or pre-seeded seeds that have a higher chance of survival than just regular seeds) and voila – your crops will begin to grow.

A basic system is just the cabinet plus the container that will act as the reservoir.

You still need to purchase a pump, additional equipment such as LED grow lights, stands for the LED grow lights, etc.

In short, you’re getting the house, but not much in terms of furniture and the like.

Should You Start From Scratch Or Buy A Complete System

This has always been the big question by beginning hydroponics growers.

One the one hand, buying equipment and setting up your own system from scrach is exciting.

You get to pick the equipment and tools, and you get to decide how big or how small the cabinet will be if you’re planning to create a compact indoor setup.

However, and we’re speaking from experience from setting up our own hydroponics system, the cost of purchasing and setting up your own system is usually equal or even more expensive than buying a complete, integrated system.

And to add to this the fact that you would have to spend additional working hours setting up and testing your system to make sure it actually does what it is supposed to do.

Are there any upsides to making your own system? Definitely. You get to pick everything that goes into your system.

You get to pick the branding of the LED grow lights, the size and type of the container that will serve as the nutrient reservoir, etc.

The downside of course is you will probably spend more time and effort in the process.