Flora Series Fertilizer

General Hydroponics Fertilizer Nutrients Flora Series Review 2019

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This is our review of the General Hydroponics Fertilizer Nutrients Flora Series. one of the most established general nutrient systems for hydroponics systems in North America, and is also one of the first commercial formulations specifically designed to help hydroponics growers.

An Innovative Fertilizer System

Commercial hydroponics has been around for decades now, but those who heeded the call for nutrient formulations that catered to soil-less systems were few and far in between back in the 1970s.

The Flora Series that you can buy now is the original three-part formulation that provides an appropriate diet to all classes of hydroponically-grown plants.

Suitable For All Systems

Whether you use an “ebb and flow” system, or a passive hydroponic system with a fixed reservoir, using a liquid fertilizer will ensure that your crops will get sufficient nutrition and there will be no guesswork on your part as the hydroponics grower.

General Hydroponics’ Flora Series uses a patented “Building Block System,” wherein one nutrient solution complements and bolsters the positive effects of other solutions in the system. So when you use the entire set (FloraGro, FloraMicro, and FloraBloom), you will get better results.

Composition of Flora Series

The Flora Series’ effectiveness is due to its composition.

Not only does it have the primary nutrients necessary for plants to thrive, it also has secondary nutrients for normal growth, and micronutrients that help boost vigorous growth in plants, especially during the flowering stage and later stages of final preparation before harvesting.

Another wonderful advantage of using Flora Series is you can actually adjust the dosing in your hydroponics system if you feel that one component of the trio is working extra-well to make your plants grow and thrive. Since the formulas are pH balanced to begin with, the chances of you accidentally spoiling the pH and EC of your nutrient reservoir is tiny.

Should You Use The Flora Series?

If you are serious about hydroponics and you do not like the idea of guessing if you are doing anything right with your crops’ nutrition, we highly recommend that you use General Hydroponics’ Flora Gro, Bloom, and Micro set (it’s a box that contains all three), to ensure your success as a hydroponics’ grower.

This system has a long and highly regarded history, and more people have attested to its effectiveness than other brands, period.

FloraGro Review

FloraGro is the foundation of the Flora Series, and one that performs the most important task.

This part of the trio supports the plants in their most vulnerable stage (after transplantation/germination, plants are normally vulnerable) and FloraGro needs to tend to weakened plants while making sure that they develop strong root structures, stems, and early foliage.

Root formation is especially important, because root rot is the leading cause of death in hydroponics plants, and it can be caused by a variety of factors and diseases that can sometimes be difficult to catch on time.

If you want to promote health in your hydroponics setup during the first few weeks of the growing season, use FloraGro.

FloraGro also provides on-going support for the vegetative stage of plant growth, making it the perfect maintaining nutrient solution for your system. pH balanced and with the correct nutrient ratios, FloraGro can be added to any system immediately and you wouldn’t have to worry about overfeeding or underfeeding your crops.

FloraMicro Review

FloraMicro is a booster formula that complements FloraGro and FloraBloom. FloraGro is the foundation of the original three-part General Hydroponics system. This liquid fertilizer has been rated “excellent” for all growing media.

FloraMicro is considered the “building block” reservoir of the system, and it is naturally high in essential plant nutrients such as nitrogen and calcium.

There are also various trace minerals in the mixture, making it the perfect accompaniment to FloraGro, which is responsible for developing strong root structures and primary parts of the plant in the first few weeks of the main growing season.

This fertilizer supports the plant throughout its lifespan, from seedling to fruiting. Use it until your crops are ready to harvest and you can be assured of consistent results, dense crops, and low mortality. In addition, FloraMicro is already in the 3-in-1 set that we have reviewed earlier.

FloraBloom Review

General Hydroponics’ FloraBloom is the third part of the classic trio system designed to nurture all kinds of crops from germination to fruiting stage. FloraBloom, specifically, ensures that crops are stimulated well to develop fruits and flowers.

In addition to increasing the number and improving the vigor of flowers and fruits, it is also responsible for improving the aroma or smell of the crop and its fruits, plus the aroma of the flowers and the production of essential oils.

Many hydroponics growers are interested in making money from growing crops such as lavender, and crops like lavender become even more valuable when their natural essential oil content is high.

Leaving it to nature is good, but improving what nature allows is even better.

With FloraBloom, crops like lavender can produce more oils, and when compressed and extracted, will produce more valuable products to improve the grower’s ROI rate (return of investment). Each FloraBloom bottle is comprised of the following vital nutrients: phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, and sulfur.

FloraNectar Review

FloraNectar is a highly specialized formulation that targets key metabolic processes in the plant structure. If you want to know exactly what it does, it is actually a plant sweetener.

Yes, it is possible to influence the sweetness, aroma, and flavor crops without resorting to applying plant hormones.

General Hydroponics has achieved this feat by combining powerful and absorbable plant sugars in a neat formula that gives plants that burst of sweetness necessary for the improvement of taste and aroma.

FloraNectar is comprised of molasses, and a collection of special minerals that all contribute to better nutrient uptake and cellular processes.

This fertilizer helps regulate the nutrient balance in the nutrient reservoir, and is an ideal food source too, of beneficial bacteria in the water. When the good bacteria outweigh the bad, anaerobic bacteria are drowned out and only the good bacteria flourish in the system.

This formula comes in six flavors, but all work equally in improving the taste and smell of crops: FruitnFusion, PineappleRush, BananaBliss, GrapeExpectations, SugarCane and BlueBerryDream.

FloraBlend Review

The vegetative stage is the second most important part of growing a crop, right next to the germination stage, where the roots are vulnerable because the plants have just been transplanted, and there’s a chance that mild transplantation shock has taken effect.

The vegetative stage is when the plant forms the groundwork of its physical structure, from its roots to stems, to its foliage. It is at this point in time that the roots, stems, and leaves need another boost.

FloraBlend is a proprietary blend of compounds that help develop more vigorous root networks in plants, and also a sturdier physical structure above the water.

We’re referring to the stems, foliage, and even the fruits and flowers. Florablend is comprised of a secret formula of plant-derived nutrients and materials, plus seaweed and rock powder. The formulation is highly soluble and thus, can be easily absorbed by any type of crop that you may be growing.

FloraNova Review

FloraNova is considered a revolutionary fertilizer within the Flora Series family. Why? Because it provides the same nutrient levels, speed of uptake, and effectiveness in nourishing plants as fertilizers that are specifically designed for use in soils.

Admittedly, liquid fertilizers that are ideal for hydroponics systems are not the same or equal as fertilizers for conventional soil setups because there is no soil to begin with, and nutrients will have a different interaction with the immediate environment.

FloraNova is considered a “hybrid fertilizer” because it will literally be like feeding conventional fertilizers to your plants, but in liquid form.

The current formulation is crafted to slowly release vital minerals to your plants over a period of time, and this regulative flow of trace elements ensures proper growth and vigorous development throughout the different phases of plant growth.

FloraKleen Review

One of the toughest problems that hydroponics growers face is the fact that fertilizer waste or salts, build up in hydroponics systems, causing mayhem with the EC and pH levels of the water. Too much salt in the system can also damage equipment and make nutrient absorption much tougher for plants.

One of the easier solutions to salt build-up is General Hydroponics’ FloraKleen solution. FloraKleen was primarily designed to dissolve built-up salts wherever these may be hiding in your hydroponics setup.

As the salts are dissolved, FloraKleen also constructs a nutrient bond between the stray nutrients and the crops, allow the latter to being utilizing the salts.

The result? Wastage is minimized and the entire system is saved from the negative effects of accumulated, unused nutrients. Note that this can happen whatever brand of liquid fertilizer you may be using at the moment.

Liquid KoolBloom Review

Liquid KoolBloom is an interesting plant supplement, because it not only helps plants bloom better during this stage of crop development, it also helps you attain higher and heavier yields during harvest time. Sounds magical? It probably is.

KoolBloom comes in two forms, dry and liquid. For best results, only use Liquid KoolBloom in the beginning and then switch to the dry version toward the end, to amplify the effects of the second wave of plant supplementation.

After using KoolBloom, your crops will begin developing larger blooms, bigger fruits, and heavier foliage, and all of these contribute to you having a bigger and better harvest.

What this formulation does is it increases the nutrient uptake of the plant to the buds, so when the buds are growing they get an ideal amount of nutrients. More nutrients absorbed means bigger flowers, and better-looking crops, overall.

Rapid Start Review

Nothing matches the impact of having a sturdy and reliable root system, especially when you have seedlings and plugs.

Trust us, the root system is number one when you are just starting out with a hydroponics system. Without a sturdy root system, plants can easily die out en masse, and you will be left with just your hydroponics setup, but no crops to speak of.

General Hydroponics’ RapidStart is a powerful concoction that does two things: first, it promotes the prolific growth of roots, which creates the root mat or the physical network that captures and processes nutrients for the rest of the plant, and second, it allows crops to develop more fine root hairs.

When you improve the root formation of a plant, it develops more quickly, and you get bigger yields at harvest time, too.

Floralicious Plus Review

The first two phases of growth (vegetative and flowering) determine the path of a plant as it continues slogging through the growing season. Plants need additional vigor if the grower wishes for a better harvest, with larger fruits, foliage, and fruits.

This is where plant supplements like Floralicious come into the picture. Comprised of seaweed, vitamins and minerals, plus other nutrients,

Floralicious not only contribute to your crops’ nutrition, but it also works to improve the taste and aroma of your fruits and flowers. Ditto for growers who need their plants to produce more essential oils.

If you are interested in just one phase, then there are two milder versions of this supplement: Grow and Bloom. If you want to focus on one phase at a time, you can get either Floralicious Grow, or Floralicious Bloom, depending on the current growth phase of your crops.

pH Test Indicator Review

General Hydroponics’ pH test indicator kits are incredibly easy to use. Simply obtain half a test tube of nutrient solution from your hydroponics system, and add the pH test indicator solution to the water.

Wait for the indicator solution to color the test tube, and then compare the color with the chart that comes with the kit. The color of the solution after you have added the pH test indicator solution will tell you the acidity or alkalinity of the water in your nutrient reservoir.